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Polyolefin Shrink Film For Your Business

Omnia USA film is a coextruded biaxially oriented 5 layer shrinkable polyolefin film, suitable for any kind of packaging purpose. Due to its remarkable mechanical resistance, transparency, gloss, weldability, and shrink ability it is well suited for both semi-automatic and automatic packaging machines.

Omnia USA films do not contain starch, silicone or heavy metals like arsenic, antimony, chromium, lead, mercury, and selenium. They are made with 100% polyolefinic formulations.

Omnia USA  films are currently manufactured according to the used technology for food packaging materials production. All Omnia USA films are recyclable. 


Our Omnia shrink film experts will work with you to determine which polyolefin film is the perfect fit for your application. Just ask us for a free sample roll to test on your manual, semi-automatic or high speed equipment.

More Information 

Click Below to download PDF Spec Sheets 

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